Originally by Pete Kosel, modified by Robert Astalos to include:
* 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-hole flutes
* Note names
* A variety of scales

There are now four versions of the flutomat calculator:
         A version for 4-hole flutes
         A version for 5-hole flutes
         A version for 6-hole flutes
      This version for 7-hole flutes

1. Select the units of measurement: centimeters or inches.
2. Enter the inside diameter and the thickness of the wall of your pipe/bamboo.
3. Select the scale and base (root) note you'd like from the pull-down lists at the bottom.
4. Enter the diameters of the finger holes you'd like and press the "Calculate" button.
5. Adjust the diameters of the finger holes until you get a workable spacing of the finger holes:
       - Start from the bottom hole and work your way up.
       - If a distance is reported as "NaN", try making that diameter smaller.

Units of measurement:  cm  inches
Pipe Dimensions:
Inside Diameter  Wall Thickness 
hole type frequency  note name diameter calculated distance
from end of flute
embouchure  ---------  --------- 
finger hole 7 
finger hole 6 
finger hole 5 
finger hole 4 
finger hole 3 
finger hole 2 
finger hole 1 
(end of flute)  ---------