Cool Astronomy Links

Astronomy pictures

Astronomy Picture of the Day (NASA)
Astronomy Sketch of the Day
Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures
Pictures of Earth taken from Space
Planet pictures and information from NASA
Space Art by Lynette Cook

Astronomy tools and information

The best FREE Sky Maps I've ever found!
Watch satellites from your backyard!
Sign up to get a note from NASA when the ISS will be visible from your home!
NASA: Central Solar Eclipses 1991 - 2050
EarthSky's page for star parties and astro festivals
Astronomy Today - Pictures, news, tutorials, history, ...
Astronomy News and Animations
NASA Astronomy and Space news - Free email service available
Star Names
Stars and Constellations
Bad Astronomy - Astronomy misconceptions corrected!
US Naval Observatory Data Services (Sun/Moon rise/set times, eclipse data, etc.)
Sunrise/Sunset calculator
Moon Phase calculator - Photos, articles, links, and more

Astronomy sites around the world

Hubble Space Telescope News
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Kitt Peak National Observatory
Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
The Night Sky Live!
WMAP results support the Big Bang Model - results of the mission
NASA's Deep Space Network
A list of astronomy and space exploration websites, many of interest to kids

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